International Coaching and Psychology Association is a professional association that unites psychologists, coaches, scientists and teachers from different countries. The association normalizes and ensures the high quality of educational and training programs.
Nowadays the association includes members from 11 countries.
The main aims of association are to maintain the high level of psychology and coach education,  to encourage professionals to cooperation, to increase scientific exchange among modern psychology and coach directions.

ICPA aims:

  • to promote the development of  modern approaches into professional  education
  • to establish and develop professional, scientific and information connections among social, educational and state organizations
  • to promote the collaboration and complementary work among the representatives of different schools of psychotherapy and coaching.
  • to develop programs that investigate the peculiarities of psychological growth of human personality , introduce  modern scientific approaches  into practice of psychologists and coaches
  • to support organizations and specialists in development of professional skills, to ensure high standards of professional activity
  •  to assist the members of association with scientific activity, works and development.
  • to make an exchange of methodical materials and programs among the specialists
  • to organize international, national, interregional conferences, congresses and forums in the field of  psychology, coaching and related fields
  • to give every member of association a chance  to receive a supervision of his practice and the review of his scientific articles and books
  • The association develops the institution of supervision  in professional society, train supervisors. Members of ICPA can choose a supervisor  or take part in training of supervision groups.